Samajbandh is a non-profit social organisation based in Pune working in various tribal and rural areas of Maharashtra since 2016
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भामरागड, जि. गडचिरोली येथील आदिवासी गावांमध्ये ७ दिवस राहून मासिक पाळी व महिला आरोग्यावर समाजबंध संस्थेसोबत Ground Level वर काम करण्याची संधी. अधिक माहिती व नोंदणीसाठी
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समाजबंध कार्यकर्ता नोंदणी

Our Vision

To live in a society where menstruation is considered as a natural process and all women are able to take proper rest, nutrition and maintain hygiene in periods.

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In India even today 82% of women don't use hygienic menstrual products/ pads in menstrual cycle, causing urinary tract, reproductive tract infections which leads to early age hysterectomy and at times even cervical cancer. We found three major reasons behind this:

  1. Lack of awareness and lack of scientific information about menses.
  2. Available menstrual pads are not affordable to rural - tribal woman & girls.
  3. Pad is not accessible to them.

This is not only affecting women’s health but it’s affecting adolescent girls too; due to above reasons, up to 42% that means 2.3crore school girls drop out from schooling in India per year. The girls who don’t drop out, usually miss 5 days of school every month.


To tackle with this basic issue, Samajbandh has designed a ‘P FOR PERIODS’- menstrual health management awareness session and ‘ASHA CLOTH PAD’ product which can be made by any ordinary woman in her home by using old clothes. We in our project in Gagode, make such pads to distribute it in such remote areas as free samples. It also generates employment to local needy women making them independent.

Thus, Samajbandh works in three stages:-

  1. Creating awareness about menstruation.
  2. Developing scientific approach towards menstruation.
  3. To give them a sustainable option to use during menstruation.


No third-party agency is working on behalf of Samajbandh for any kind of recruitment, fundraising campaign, workshops, or activities that are conducted by the organization. Please beware of unauthorized claims or messages that are disseminated by anyone on behalf of Samajbandh. If you find any such instances, please contact us directly for confirmation and instant action.

We do not charge any money from people for the activities and events that are managed by us. So if you come across any such claims of monetary demand by an individual or organization on behalf of our name, reach out to us

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